S.C. Megaworld Construction and Development Corporation offers comprehensive engineering construction services, Housing & Retirement Homes Dev’t., Industrial Economic Zone having nationwide target projects. We are also specialized in Electrical and Mechanical Works. It adopts an organization which deliberates from administrative and project management that requires sound decision making. Technical expertise is organized along the following major engineering disciplines.

Each project is undertaken by an ad hoc team led by a Project Manager. For a complex project involving a sensitive client-firm relationship, a Project Director supervises the Project Manager and his technical staff. When a project requires several alternatives, the most feasible one is chosen. Detailed designs, when required, pass through a Technical Board of Review consisting of the firms most experienced members, consultants and senior managers.

S.C. Megaworld team members understand the importance of cooperation and coordination. The availability of varied expertise within the same organization has proven beneficial in the successful execution of the projects.To maintain and improve the firm’s quality of work and to keep abreast of the new development in construction, members of the technical staff are constantly trained in the trends in their respective fields. They are active members of professional association, who attend conferences, and pursue opportunities for continuing education.

S.C. Megaworld works closely with local architectural, urban planning, environmental planning, management and financial consulting firms.

"We are a local diversified  construction company applying innovative technology to develop state of the art construction methodologies to save money, time and effort."

As one of the most respective companies in construction, we are committed to be:
  • Recognized and trusted nationwide
  • Be a prepared partner in improving the quality of and success to construction
  • An innovator in Science and Technology
  • The leader in our markets
  • A high quality investment
  • A rewarding place to work and develop
  • Socially reponsible members of our communitie




We will succeed because of our...
  • Passion to innovate and drive for solution
  • Personal accountability for result and integrity
  • Eagerness to learn and continuously improve
  • Uncompromising dedication to quality
  • Relentless focus on rapid in discipline action
  • Respect for the diverse contribution of all